Thinking Hand NGO – Talk Series 01

Press Release

The mission and aim of the Thinking Hand NGO Talk Series is to empower and educate people, and especially students. Talk series will be on various topics starting from (Questioning Why? How? What?) Architecture, Design, Landscape, Environment, Thesis, Theory, Practice, Sustainability and more.

A platform to discuss openly, voice and think deeply, critically in a more constructive way. The panel members will be from various disciplines, Institutions and backgrounds to talk and discuss various topics in conversation with Thinking Hand NGO founder and principal Ar. Ketham Santosh Kumar and the event supported by studio Ketham’s Atelier Architects.

Thinking Hand NGO is a platform to empower people & society through its research, design, innovation in construction & technology, by training women, children and young students to build one in one. Earlier Thinking Hand NGO and Ketham’s Atelier empowered more than 3,000 people through more than 13 Workshops, Exhibitions, Sessions, International competitions and Building 1:1 for Neglected Communities to empower people and society through design and innovation building and now with Talk Series.

Thinking Hand NGO Talk Series -01

(Why? How? What? is Architecture)

Talk, Discussion, Questions and Answers

Date: On 25 April 2021

Time: (13:00 to 16:00 hrs CET) Online

Panel Members:

Alberto Fernandez Gonzalez (UCL)

Elif Simge Fettahoğlu Özgen (TUM)

Sonali Dahotre (CEPT)

Gyorffy, Rachel (Moholy-Nagy University)

Jacqueline Cuyler (South Africa)

Ketham Santosh Kumar (UIBK)

Open and free to all – to register please send your name, college or profession, place and email to

(Online Talk link will provide for registered participants)

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