Re-Engaging A Lost Human Connection 

re-engaging a lost human connection 2019 @ ketham santosh kumar

Thinking Hand NGO & Ketham’s Atelier Architect’s
Re-Engaging A Lost Human Connection 
Workshop and Exhibition: Jan – Feb 2019

Ketham’s Atelier and Thinking Hand NGO re-engaging a connection between orphanage and oldage home

The idea is to study and explore, to understand human behaviour, time, space, activity and its interconnection.

In the world of digital age and gated communities we pretend to be busy and hardly spend time with our own family, friends, colleagues this resulting in less human interaction, loneliness, economic burden and frustration which is effecting our lives and societies as such reducing human attachment resulting in orphanages and old age homes. This endeavour helps us to understand and bring sustainable communities.

As an Architect (Architecture & Urban design) – it’s a study, explore and understand human behaviour and time, space, activity for betterment of sustainable societies

As an NGO we anchor a connection between orphanage and old age home. Children would experience love and compassion of a loving grand parents similarly senior citizens could see the innocent love of kids in various activities and interactions. Bringing back human values and culture of humanity.

And a message to sensitize people about human emotions and its significance to bring a new beginning

Workshop activities: Pot painting with planting a tree/seed, Newspaper collage with story telling, Painting, Origami/paper craft and Writing a story/poem with sketches

Important dates:
Poster release: 26 Jan 2019
Workshop       : 30 Jan 2019
Exhibition       : 03 Feb 2019 (open to all)

Collaboration: Cherish orphanage, Goldage home, Thinking Hand ngo and Ketham’s Atelier Architect

Workshop Venue: Goldage Home, Saroor Nagar East, Hyderabad.

Supported by: Thinking Hand Ngo

Funded by: Ketham’s Atelier Architects


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