Every species from human beings to animals experience architecture, they carve out their own spaces, we from childhood subconsciously understand architecture from our own living room/bedroom. And similarly birds create their own nest.

Architecture is intermediary between imagination and reality. It is basically two sides of coin; neither of sides cannot be ignored, eventually combining both to make it a Meta-project. Design combines two levels of understanding, macro level and micro level. Macro level has different layers of historical context, environment, culture and traditions. Micro level has various layers at building level, our approach, how building touches ground, relation to site, spatial arrangements, user behaviour, functions, light, shadow, tectonics of building etc. Interconnecting both with conceptual, theoretical, phenomenological verticals to bring in distinctive atmosphere, emotions, narration, experience and ultimately creating memory in peoples life. Thus Architecture starts with broader understanding of urban design, planning, landscape and environment/nature, which are interconnected to the context.

Teaching is all about understanding students level of knowledge, their ideas and perspectives thereby enhancing their level of lateral thinking and imbibing confidence to be creative and persistent.

“Architecture is like connecting dots and clues in an investigation to get the truth out”.

“As a teacher (guru) you teach students to be motivated, think out of the box and build courage to develop the ideas into reality”.