Thinking Hand NGO Workshop 03 Empowering Women

The onus of ridding of biases in our society is on everyone. it is not easy to sift and remove our biases in our personality or society but the endeavours to prevent male prejudices about women and their ability should continue.

We Thinking Hand NGO and Ketham’s Atelier Architects Initiated a Workshop to empower women in neglected community in collaboration with Safa Baitul Maal NGO.

A two day workshop training was held, centred around training women from neglected communities on low cost furniture and product design. These sustainable products like furniture are made out of scrap material like card board and can be used in daily life.

They were trained by Architect and Thinking Hand founder Ketham Santosh Kumar and volunteers supported them to make products like furniture with storage space (CurveX), interlocking sofa/bed, lamp and pencil holder.

The outcome was great! they made furniture by teaming up in groups showcasing their dexterity and steep increase in learning curve. They built furnishings with a confident smile.


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