Exhibition & Discussion – 6th May 2017 India

Rapidly urbanizing India is progressing in terms of Infrastructure while losing out its past, to an extent. In search of new uses, urban transformations are so blunt that the ‘Development’ is ignoring the past – its heritage. India, the land of oldest civilizations with its rich heritage and traditional values has tremendous potential to showcase the world its glory. The nation is dotted with many heritage precincts / buildings speaking about the life at a particular period of history. Much of this has been long forgotten and was brought into light by others.

The progressive additions to the society should not demean its own past instead they must enhance its value. To understand a civilization, its remains/ruins are crucial. Preserving the heritage shall help in informing the next generations about the life and essence of the past.

The theme for the inaugural session of Thinking hand – Trails (Exhibition & discussion) is showcasing heritage. Participants must Photograph a Heritage building / precinct known/ unknown and find out a trial of its value in terms of history, use and culture


  1.  To shower light on the forgotten / unknown heritage
  2. To bring awareness among people & students how important our heritage is to understand cultures
  3.  To bring in interest among people on various styles of Architecture and urban transformations.
  4. Have a knowledge sharing platform to discuss various ways of preserving heritage precincts
  5. To motivate students for taking up conservation activities


  1.  Participant’s information – Name, Age, Profession, Location of Building / Precinct, Typology (Use)
  2. Send two color Photographs of resolution – Min 300dpi of selected Place / Building (No text or symbols on photographs)
  3.  Text – 200 to 300 words  Brief information & participant’s perception about the heritage Building / Precinct.
  4.  Hard copies – Selected Entries only 1)Two photographs, A4 size each 2) Text – about 500 words in A4 sheet Make sure the hard-copies are delivered on time and in better condition without any damage.


Thinking Hand Trails winners 2017

Thinking Hand TRAILS - exhibition poster

Thinking Hand Exhibition4

Thinking Hand TRAILS – Panel members

Thinking Hand_Exhibition & Discussion Poster 2017 @ Ketham’s Atelier