Black Beauty Block – Ketham’s Atelier

Ketham’s Atelier Architects (R&D) research and developed a lab working on waste materials for a couple of years with a clear focus on saving the environment, against climate change, and making sustainable revolutionary products out of Industrial and organic waste. 
Taking the problem as an opportunity, Ketham’s Atelier R&D Lab developed a solution for the buildings and construction industry. It is a product that is purely made out of industrial waste, helping to save the environment with a low carbon footprint product. These blocks are cement-free, durable and robust, cheaper than conventional bricks without mortar needed for joints and with a customizable interlocking system, i.e. Black Beauty Block. 
The research’s mission is to make a win-win situation based not only on helping the environment. More importantly, even urban poor can afford to buy these products and blocks for low cost to build their houses, toilets, schools and communities.

Industrial and organic waste
Reuse Industrial Waste, Save Environment, Save Economy
Low carbon Construction, Low cost, Customizable