This house is designated in the site characterised with the beautiful landscape that we could ever witness, welcoming us into the dwelling unit with a water body in front. Earlier this site was used as gulf course and had gulf clubhouse. The house is built at an elevation that is above the ground on the existing footprint with due respect to the existing topography, visually, the house seems to afloat.

The house is though embedded with series of transitional spaces but it ensures tranquility, which engenders a great experience of spaces that are varying in scale and proportion with light and shadow. The rectilinear spaces and large openings allow maximum views and sunlight in the building. It also facilitates access from multiple points – Main entrance, parking garage, garden and play area.

The project is composed of a rectilinear form at two levels in the ground level it accommodates the intimate areas parking, living, kitchen, dinning, three children bedroom rooms, vertical circulation, master suite, walled garden and study cum guns room, pool and a deck area. On the first floor we have the guest bedrooms, disabled adult bedroom with care room, office, cinema and another office with conference, seating and play area i.e man cave. The distribution of spaces in two floor created interstitial spaces, configuring circulation, terraces is enveloped by a skin of glass with sliding panels open and create a dialogue between the interior space of the house and the surroundings. The openings are clad in vertically slatted wooden panels, which open almost entirely. In the day, the panels filter the sunlight creating a texture of light and shade and, at night, it transforms the boxes into large lanterns, which light up the land.

Roof has inclined slab ceiling. The plinth of ground floor is at 30cm above the ground and is supported by a beams set back. The varied volumes of the house is due to different heights and emptiness between the walls creates an inner rhythm and, simultaneously, makes it possible to have improved natural lighting in the house and views of the surroundings.

Concrete is used for walls and structural system to bring in solidity to the building, apart from that it regulates the temperature and acts as natural insulator of sound in the building, this manmade structure blends with surrounding landscape, hence makes it unique and refreshing experience.

Year                    2015-16
Project               A beautiful house
Status                 Unbuilt
Design                Ketham Santosh Kumar
Awards              International Competition