INDO-EURO Workshop In collaboration with THINKING HAND NGO, TU GRAZ, JNAFAU 2019

Workshop Topic: Architectural Utopias

Workshop Dates: Two days from 10am to 5pm @ 15th and 16th April 2019

Workshop Brief:
This workshop results from the collaboration of the architecture faculty of Jnafa University Hyderabad, Thinking Hand NGO and TU Graz and revolves around the topic of architectural utopias. India hosts a significant number of landmark projects that transformed the understanding of the role of architecture in shaping and coding ways of organizing collective and individual life and it is our interest to learn from this tradition to project the future. Amongst these projects that reflect visionary agendas for society, there are two that stand out for their scale and Universalist ambitions. These are Le Corbusier’s city of Chandigarh in the northern state of Punjab and Sri Aurobindo’s Auroville in the southern region of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. Despite their common threads however, they differ in the ideals for society that they reflect, the former being a monument to the logic of modernism and the latter, a space for the spiritual cultivation and realization of individuals. Our goal is to visit both these sites and study them with local experts who developed over the years a body of knowledge that is based on immediate contact and living experience of the projects.

Workshop Exercise:
In the workshop, students will be introduced to visualization techniques that will enable them to produce a vast range of imaginary scenarios in a short amount of time. The focus will be then on drafting concepts and quickly transferring them onto the paper so as to generate open discussions around them and take advantage of the diverse group of participants from Austria and India.

To hold an educational event that brings together architecture students from various backgrounds from both Europe and India in order to exchange ideas, opinions, design concepts and think of the future.

Workshop Partners:
The Architecture Faculty of Jnafa University offers a great tradition and strong investment in research suited to this end as well as the ideal geographic location in between both of these sites. Thinking Hand is a non profit organisation with the mission to empower people and society to build sustainable communities through its research, design, innovation.

Number of Students:
TU Graz: 15 students and 1 faculty
Jnafau: 15 students and 1 faculty
Thinking Hand NGO: 15 students and 1 faculty
Total: 45 students

Additional Notes:
– Selection of given students is up to each university or organisation.
– There is no fee to attend the workshop. It is free.
– Jnafau provides a classroom for organizing the two-day workshop.
– Thinking hand NGO is organizing and helping participants,
poster printing, receive participants and arrange snacks etc.
– Every workshop participant and faculty will take care of his/her
own food (lunch), travel and transport expenses.

Selection of participants:
Thinking Hand NGO will be selecting 15 students from around India, Interested students can send their portfolios to email id> on or before 5 April 2019.

Portfolio details: A3 size landscape, three projects and maximum of 10 pages only in PDF format.

Important dates and info:
Poster, Brief and Program Release: 20 March 2019
Portfolio Submission: 5 April 2019
Selected Notified: 8 April 2019
Workshop Dates: 15 and 16 April 2019

Venue: JNAFAU Hyderabad
Entry: Free

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