Mapping and Documenting The Flood Affected Areas in India.

Press Release

Message from our Thinking Hand NGO founder and principal Ar. Ketham Santosh Kumar

Thinking Hand NGO and Ketham’s Atelier Architects have undertaken mapping and documenting the flood affected areas in india.
As a consequence to Climate change disasters like droughts and flooding brought cities to standstill cities across the globe not just in terms of economic growth but it  disturbed the sociological imagination and adversely affected every Individual psychologically.
The aim of this initiative is to map sites and document these sites in order to repair and rebuild like houses/schools/toilets for the poor.Everyone deserves to have shelter and it is the basic right of every human being. 
Thinking Hand NGO will take part in documenting sites, raising funds and bringing more awareness among people on climate change and its consequences. Ketham’s Atelier Architects will design and rebuild these sites to empower people there.