Ketham Santosh Kumar (TU Innsbruck) Speaker at Approaching Research Practice in Architecture

Our Thinking Hand NGO founder and Principal Ar. Ketham Santosh Kumar (TU Innsbruck) Speaker at Approaching Research Practice in Architecture – International Conference and Workshop on 08 and 09 October 2020. The two-day program includes lectures, panels, and discussions.

“Approaching Research Practice in Architecture. Five Questions” takes as its point of departure the growing interest in practice-oriented research in architecture in the broadest sense, including expanding modes of work in well-established areas of architectural research such as architectural history and theory or urban and landscape studies. 
The event is a collaboration between KTH Stockholm, TU Munich and TU Delft, hosted by Meike Schalk (KTH), Torsten Lange (TUM), Andreas Putz (TUM) and Frank van der Hoeven (TU Delft). Trajectories I – B ‘Urban Politics, Economies and Ecologies’ Chairs: Janina Gosseye (TUD); Tanja Herdt (TUD); Fredrik Nilsson (LTH) and other experts. And this event is also part of the program of the BauHow5 Consortium including the Swedish research school ResArc (ETHZ, TUD, TUM, UCL, CTH, LTH, KTH) and funded by the Erasmus+ project SABRE.

Research funded by Vice Rector for Research Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer, University of Innsbruck (Young Researcher Grant 2020). Conference and Workshops Funded by Institute of Experimental Architecture, Hochbau by Prof. Marjan Colletti.