State Government of Telangana, Ground Water Department Invited Ketham’s Atelier for Project Ground Water Recharge Model – 2020

Ketham’s Atelier Architects was invited for project ground water recharge model by state government of Telangana, Ground Water Department.

Water is key element and source for any settlement or village to start. As global warming, Climate change, drought conditions are increasing day by day, water scarcity is high not only in india but also around world. This project model will setup an examples in other districts, towns and villages to educate on how to conserve water and maintain ground water table for year around needs for farming, irrigation and other domestic needs for any village or community. This concept and idea has greater impact in maintaing ecological balance and environment for sustainable growth and for better future.


Year                   2020
Project              Ground Water Recharge –  (Ground Water Department, State Govt)

Status                Completed
Drawing            Kumar Ravi, Ketham Santosh Kumar
Model                Md. Sulaiman, Deepak Thapa, Kumar Ravi, Ketham Santosh Kumar